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Vacation mode

We are BACK! in Sweden that is.

So i still got a weeks vacation left here at home.
Thats a great opportunity to help my friends with some training.

First out was my darling Stina, i put her through one of my favourite K-star mobility drills. (thank you K-star)








Then Rami Aziz came by and we did some deadlifts, power cleans from hang and frontsquats.

(Koji variation of the deadlift)








Then Mr.S came by and we did some prepwork for his upcoming tests next week.



Deadlifting for reps and more gripwork

traininglog 2012-07-12


5@ 120




RB100 x5 left/right regular and inverted

CoC 1,5  6 singles left/right

RB100 15×3 left/right inverted

Rammstein on the stereo


My next traininglog update comes from Spain-

Something is always more than Nothing

traininglog 2012-07-11

Today i did handstands, put up a “gripperboard” and alternating one arm swings for warmup @20kg


3 rounds of

Cleans 5x@100kg

PowerSwing 5x@48kg

2 minutes rest


2 rounds of Tabata swings @20  for cardio? dont know why i did it, because I like the 15/15 Vo2 more.

Guns N Roses on the stereo

Lift, Swing and Grip

traininglog 2012-07-10

Fatbar Deadlift (Fat Gripz) 4 @ 70kg  4 @80kg  4 @90kg 4 @100kg 4 @120kg  3×3 @125kg

One hand swing

6+6 on the minute @48kg for 6 minutes (was supposed to add reps but i did first two round of 6-6 and just kept going and added a set intead)

Gripper work (still taking this sloooow)

2×8 regular left/right @RB100

2×8 inverted left/right @RB100

4 singles regular left/right @CoC 1,5

4 static holds (15 seconds) inverted left/right @CoC 1,5

Rope inverted rows


ACCEPT – teutonic terror on the stereo

I had some company in the gym today







RB100, CoC #1,5 and CoC #2












Barbell work

Traininglog 2012-07-09

Warmup: 3 sets of

1 bar muscle-up + 2 minutes cleaning the gym

Snatch training

2×1 @40kg  faster then speedy gonzales

2×1 @50kg fast as speedy himself

2×1 @60kg fast as speedys older brother

2×1 @70kg fast as speedys limp brother in law

2×2 @80kg

4×1 @90kg

Then some 3´s and 5´s in the frontsquat

Tomorrow we are going outside for some wicked cool stuff @ Åby sports arena

Manowar on the stereo

Yesterdays training and todays Recovery workout gone bad

Traininglog 2012-07-07

Yesterday i did some barbell clean complexes (thank you Matt Wichlinski for the inspiration)

Kettlebell swings and goblet squats for warmup

1 powerclean+ 1 frontsquat+ 1 clean= 1 set

This was done adding weight every set until i hit 110kg

Then i did some 3´s in the frontsquats and 5´s in them pull-ups.



Traininglog 2012-07-08 (light recovery work)

My traps and legs was banged up from yesterday so i started with some primal move inspired stuff.

Then went on to single hand swing+clean+press+TGU with the 24 to get some technique practise into my system.


I put this on the stereo and suddenly i felt AWESOME!

This is what happens next

Clean n Press  x5 @double bells 24´s

PowerSwing   x5 @48

Frontsquat     x5 @double bells 28 and 32´s (switching sides every round)

Clean (one arm)  x3 @48

PowerSwing  x5 @48

Rest 90sec Then repeated 6 times

So, this was not my plan at all…who cares?  Good times!




Barbell, Kettlebell and Grippertraining

Traininglog 2012-07-06

TGU  1+1 @20kg @24kg @32kg

Fatbar Deadlift (Fat Gripz)

5×2 @ 70kg @85kg @95kg @115kg @135kg

One hand swing

6+6 on the minute @48kg for 5 minutes (From Senior RKC Max Shank, just going to add 1+1 rep every week now for as long as i can)

Rope Pull-ups


Gripper work (easing into this again, and my forearms were totaly smoked already)

2×10 regular left/right RB100

2×10 inverted left/right RB100


Random pics from today






















Regular                                                                                                                        Inverted

Power Workout

Såhär roligt hade vi!

Workout vBlog 2012-05-10

Postar träningsvideo med lite snack om vad jag gör och vad jag tycker om saker kring träning, övningsval,volym och lite annat. Oavsett vad ni tycker om detta så lämna gärna en kommentar så jag kan ta till mig kritiken, bra som dålig.

Passet i sin helhet
Jumpsquat 8×3 x60 totalt:24st
Kb-snatch 8×5+5 32kg totalt:80st
Vristhopp 3x-20-30
Grepp och rombarbete med gummiband 4×12-15

Minifys Helkropp

Snabb helkropps fysträning med Zvonimir idag efter ett avklarat MMA pass

Detta träningspasset kan vem som helst göra, Som vanligt ska tekniken sitta innan man ökar belastningen eller hastigheten på övningarna.
Pushjerk (pushpress) x5
Get-up med säck x3+3
Kettlebell swing x20

Vila 30-120 sek

Repetera efter behov, idag gjorde vi 5 omgångar med 30 sek vila mellan.


Keep it simple
Get better!